3000 Guaraníes y un tirolés




3000 Guaraníes y un tirolés

  • Year: 1980

  • Editorial Guadalupe, Buenos Aires

  • Text Author: Braumann, Franz - Traducción José Gallinger SVD

  • Languages: Spanish

Aboriginal fishing

Orchid of the forest


(1) Christ the Sorrowful. Statue made by native people, preserved in the Jesuit Museum "Don Miguel"

(2) Santa Teresa de Ávila, a statue made by natives, preserved in the Jesuit Museum "Don Miguel"

(3) Landscape of the Alps in Tyrol, the homeland of Father Antonio Sepp

(4) Sunset at Entre Ríos

(5) Indian Crucifix. Museum "Don Miguel". San Ignacio (Misiones)

(6) Guarani girl

(7) Creole boy from Misiones

(8) Jungle in Misiones

(9) Day laborer harvesting mate in Misiones

(10) Guaraní child of eight years. San Ignacio

(11) Old cross and image of San Ignacio de Loyola, preserved in the Ruins of San Ignacio

(12) Young Guaraní

(13) Dusk over the Parana in Puerto San Ignacio

(14) Iguazu Falls

(15) Wall of an indigenous dwelling, trapped by the roots of a wild fig tree

(16) Side portal of the Church facing the courtyard of the cloister

(17) Detail of the ornaments of the facade of the Church

(18) Main entrance of the Church

(19) Side window of the Jesuit temple. San Ignacio Mini

(20) Portal of the sacristy

(21) Guaraní craftsman

(22) Guaraní kitchen

(23) Iguajuí in the jungle of Misiones

(24) Guaraní mother

(25) Ten year old Guarani girl. San Ignacio.

(26) Jungle at Misiones. Road America. Aristóbulo del Valle