Die Kultur der Inkas




Die Kultur der Inkas

  • Year: 1982

  • Publisher: Buchclub Ex Libris - Zürich – 1982

  • Text Author: Simone Waisbard

  • Languages: German

View from the semi-subterranean temple of Tiahuanaco onto the monumental staircase with its 6 stone steps and the large, restored entrance gate of Kalasasaya. In the middle, the 'Ponce' monolith of the sanctuary of the sun.

With a woollen ‘chullo’ under the typical Cusqueño hat and dressed in a beautiful poncho, this young Indian man from the Sacred Valley holds the ‘vara de mando’, a rod ornamented with silver, as a sign of official dignity. He is the mayor of an ayllu, a form of traditional agricultural community that has prevailed since Inca times, where Quechua people still live today as they did in the past.