Zehntausend Jahre Sahara




Zehntausend Jahre Sahara

  • Year: 1976

  • Publisher: Editions Silva – Zurich
    1978 - Editions La Bibliothèque des Arts – Lausanne/Paris

  • Text Author: Henri Jean Hugot

  • Languages: French, German

The Tree of Ténéré, a thorny acacia that used to get its water from a depth of 36 meters. Today, it is gone because camel drivers of salt caravans, who stopped to rest at the two water holes at the tree’s foot, used it too extensively as wood supply for their campfires.

Pre-Islamic keyhole-shaped grave in Djanet, in the Algerian Sahara. Access to the grave mound in the centre is directed to the east; the outer ring has a diameter of 25 meters.